Championship Quartet(s)

2005 Hi-Fidelity
2009 The Edge
2014 American Pastime

Other Awards:

2002 Buckeye Invitational Champion
2006 Harmony Sweepstakes National Champion

Tom Moore

Tom started singing during his senior year of high school where he sang in both the Varsity and Concert choirs. He went to college for several years and sang tenor in the Clarke Loras Singers, a prestigious choir composed of students from two colleges in Dubuque Iowa. He was briefly exposed to barbershop while in college but felt that it would be too much to be in the choir and in barbershop at the same time.

When he moved to California in 1984 he was working nights and weekends with little time for extracurricular activities. He met his future wife Dee Dee Gregory while giving Blood at the Blood Bank and her mother bought tickets to a community concert series in Calimesa California with a men`s barbershop chorus. "I was in awe of what I thought was a professional group." He would later join and still sings in this SPEBSQSA organization called the Masters Of Harmony . He has won seven international chorus gold medals,1996, 1999, 2002, 2005, 2008, 2011, and 2017.

Tom has performed in the following quartets since he join the Society in 1993. The first was called Kaleidoscope consisting of members from the Pomona Valley Carousel Chorus, the first Chorus he joined. The second was Countdown where he also sang tenor. They ranked as high as 25th at international twice and placed 2nd at district 3 times. His third quartet was a short lived experiment called Batteries Not Included with Tom on Lead. "It was fun to try the lead part, but it`s a lot harder than it looks."  When Countdown broke up he formed Hi-Fidelity in December of 2000 with Tom on Lead again. After several years of hard work finaly won the FWD championship in 2005. When Hi-Fi decided not to compete anymore he started looking for a new quartet. In the spring of 2008 The Edge was born with Tom back in the Tenor Spot. In 2009 The Edge won the FWD District Championship at their first District. " The Edge " decided to break up after prelims of 2011, so it was time to look for another quartet. Tom went back to the lead spot with " American Pastime ." which won the district in 2014. AP broke up in 2016 and Tom is now looking for is next GREAT quartet.

Tom is a software engineer working at Eurofins in Monrovia CA.

Tom is the webmaster of this website as well as

Tom is maried to Dee Dee Gregory