Championship Quartet(s)

2013 The Newfangled Four

Other Awards:

International College Champion 2013 The Newfangled Four

Jackson Niebrugge

Jackson Niebrugge (pronounced Nee-brew-ggee, with hard Gs), comes from a non-musical family. His only mouth work since age 10 has been playing the trumpet. He was in the Santa Clarita and Los Angeles Children’s choruses from ages 6 to 10 and “I was tired of singing.” Now he’s a horn virtuoso, with a bachelor’s degree in music performance, trumpet. He’d like to teach and perform, whatever pays the bills.

Along the way, high school chemistry teacher Gale Sherrod steered Jackson to the Masters of Harmony for the first time, but it didn’t take. Then he met Jake Tickner, Trey McEachin and Ross Bronzan at CSU Long Beach and, suddenly, the urge to sing revived. He is now a member of both The Masters of Harmony and is Lead Section Leader of The Westminster Chorus .

Jackson’s hobbies include video games, making barbershop multi-tracks and “playing guitar along with trumpet.”