Championship Quartet(s)

1987 Kidder & Sons, Inc.
2001 Finale
2007 VocalEase

Other Awards:

2007 Standing "O" Award - Vocal Ease

Scott Kidder

Scott began singing at the age of 5 with his brothers, Todd and Aaron. The ukulele-playing trio performed on barbershop shows and other local events in the Washington, D.C. area. When the family relocated to Clark Air Force Base in the Philippines in 1969, "Papa" Don decided to satisfy his barbershop needs by forming a quartet with his three sons. While in the Philippines, the family quartet entertained troops and eventually won an Armed Forces talent search to appear on the Ed Sullivan Show in March of 1971.

After returning to the States in the fall of 1971, Kidder and Sons, Inc. spent much of the next 20 years performing on barbershop shows and competitions across the United States and Canada. Kidder and Sons finally won the coveted FWD championship in 1987.

Scott has earned 6 gold medals with the Masters of Harmony, serving as both Lead and Baritone section leaders; and has sung in several other quartets, most recently with bass Joe D”Amore in Finale - 2001 FWD champions and 2002 International finalists. He is thrilled to finally have the opportunity to once again share the stage with his "older" brother Todd.

Scott works as a Senior Programmer/Analyst for Maxon Furniture, and lives with his lovely wife, Cindy, and wonderful sons Ryan and Kyle in Irvine, California.