Championship Quartet(s)

2002 Sams Club

Other Awards:

Medalist '05, '06 - Metropolis

Kelly Shepard

Kelly - Bari: hails from Richmond, Indiana, where he began singing and performing at an early age (his high school wrestling aspirations gave way to The Sound of Music!). He has sung professionally for 17 years in venues from Busch Gardens in Williamsburg, VA to singing in civic and professional operas and musical productions. Kelly began barbershopping in junior high school. His first quartet, The Midwest Blend, won a high school quartet competition, due to all but one other quartet being prevented from coming by a blizzard! More recently, Kelly sang Lead in COUNTDOWN and Bass in the 2002 FWD Champion Quartet, SAM'S CLUB. He holds a degree in Music Education from the Indiana University School of Music and is currently the Department Chair of Theatre Arts for Milken Community High School in Los Angeles.