Championship Quartet(s)

2010 The Crush

Other Awards:

Paul Tabone

Paul has been barbershopping for 6 years, and started singing at the ripe old age of 18. Prior to that, he had no singing or performance experience. Paul's first singing experience was with the Choral Program at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, where he began singing bass with the University Singers Choir in the fall of 2001. In fall of 2002, he became the bass for Cal Poly's Men's Barbershop Quartet, Men-So Forte, and later joined the University's more prestigious choir, Polyphonics, in 2003.

Paul has been a member of The Westminster Chorus , where he serves as a bass co-section leader, since August of 2005. Paul has also been a member of the Masters Of Harmony since March 2006, and has been in the Master's front row since that time.

Paul resides in Orange County, CA, where he works as a Project Planner for an Engineering firm.