Championship Quartet(s)

1959 The Saints

Other Awards:

Medalist '60 & '61- Saints

Bruce Guthrie

From John Krizek:

When the Masters Of Harmony were new, and I was still active in the public relations business and serving on Society committees, Bruce cornered me over lunch about how this new entity could be marketed to the world. We realized that all the big chapters of that day shared some of the same problems, and there was no point re-inventing any wheels. The result was the first superchapter marketing forum at Harmony College, where representatives of the VM, Alexandria, Louisville, Bryn Mawr, Big Apple, and a few others got together to share ideas and concerns. It was one of those significant moments in the evolution of our Society.

Bruce and I go back to the South Bay chapter in the '60s, when he was big with the Saints. We were bachelors and had the only two Corvette convertibles in the chapter. His was black, mine was brown. Of course we didn't try to take advantage of our circumstances.

Cheers to you, Bruce!

From Marina:
He was an international medalist with The Saints in 1960 and 1961.

He was a great quartet guy and also a great chapter and chorus member with the South Bay Coastliners.

I remember him always being encouraging of new quartets and will miss his not standing on the risers with his fellow Saints in the Scorpionaires