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1948 Champions

Tenor: Chet Hodapp
Lead: Len Pluris
Bari: Budd Boyle
Bass: Bill Manthei


1948 FWD Champions

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The Four Staters

Len Pluris reached out beyond the membership of the San Diego chapter back in 1947 to sign up Budd Boyle, Chet Hodapp, and Bill Manthei. They became members of the SPEBSQSA and formed a brand new quartet of the San Diego Chapter. They came from different states so they called themselves The Four Staters. In 1948 The Four Staters were judged the Far Western District Champions.

When Budd replaced Len as lead, Joe White took the bari spot (1949) the group became The San Diego Serenaders. Joe had a stint in the service as a Marine stationed in San Diego, Rex Reeve filled in as Bari. Rex was a former bari of the Barberque Four Quartet of Oak Park, Illinois Chapter. With this personnel - Budd Boyle (lead), Rex Reeve (bari). Chet Hodapp (tenor), Bill Manthei (bass) _ the quartet was awarded Fourth Place in The internationl Competition at Kansas City, Missouri in 1952 - the first quartet from the FWD to attain Medalist distinction.

Rex was transferred to San Francisco and Ed Murry (Navy) Joined the quartet until Joe's return from the Army. After Budd Boyle's untimely death in 1958, Bud Moser became the new lead. Bud Moser died in 1972 and it was then that the San Deigo Serenaders quietly disbanded.

The San Diego chapter had featured the Serenaders on their annual show for twenty-five consecutive years.

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