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1952 Champions

Tenor: Dick Blackhurst
Lead: Buford Strange
Bari: Don Plumb
Bass: Dub Stallings


1952 FWD Champions

International Rankings:

1951 1952 1953 1954 1955 1956 1957 1958 1959 1960
        18 22        

Associate Members:

Tenor: Bob Scott - 1954


The Verdugo Dons

The quartet was formed in 1951 and competed that year in the FWD cometition in Pasadena. The 4 Bits Of Harmony won the championship and the "Dons" finished down in the pack. In San Jose the "Dons" competed with such quartet as The Crown City Four, The Travelaires, The Uncalled Four, The Statesmen, etc and won the competition.

The Dons were active as a quartet from 1951 through 1957. During that time the personnel remained constant except for the Tenor Part. Dick Blackhurst was transferred to New York and was replaced by Dick Chafin (1953). Dick subsequently go married and his voice changed (1954). He was replaced by Bob Scott who sang with the Quartet until its dissolution in 1957.

The Dons represented the FWD twice in international competition: Miami Beach in 1955, and Minieapolis in 1956 without grabbing the Gold, The Silver, (or even the pot metal.)

The quartet enjoyed performing in shows throughout the FWD as well as other districts. But the most fun was appearing and just hangin' out with The Crown City Four, West Coasters, Sharpshooters, The San Diego Sarenaders, The Travelairs, 4-Bits, Smog Lifters, Feenstra Brothers, Twenty Four Feet of Harmony, The Gaylords, Upsidedowners, and many others.

This brings to mind that the Dons appeared in the early 50's on a Parade of Quartets for the San Gabriel chapter in which there were a total of nineteen quartet on the show!


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