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1984 Champions

Tenor: John Sherburn
Lead: Dan Jordan
Bari: Bob Gray Jr.
Bass: John Miller


1984 FWD Champions
1985 International Champions

International Rankings:

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The New Tradition

The New Tradition - perhaps better known to thousands of barbershoppers as the Marx Brothers' clones - won International in 1985. All are experienced international competitors and medalists: tenor John Sherburn (Zeppo in their famous impersonation), lead Dan Jordan (Chico), bari Bob Gray Jr. (Harpo), and bass John Miller (Groucho).

The quartet is in a sense a spin-off of The Grand Tradition, 1978 District Champs and international bronze medalists in 1980, '82, and '83, of which Dan and Bob were members.

John Miller had won the gold in 1979 as bass of Grandma's Boys, and John Sherburn sang with the Crown City Good Time Music Co. , five time semi-finalists, and the Dapper Dans of Disneyland, among other quartets.

Although the Marx Brothers routine is their best known, the always-entertaining foursome has appeared as leading characters of Star Trek, and as Charlie Chaplin, W. C. Fields and Laurel and Hardy, and other roles.

The quartet retired in 1989, when Sherburn replaced Larry Wright as lead of the 139th Street Quartet. Bobby Gray continued singing as bari of the popular and perennial top ten quartet Saturday Evening Post. Dan Jordan went on to sing for several years as lead of the popular show foursome, The Perfect Gentlemen.

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