1994 Champions

Tenor: Dave Garstang
Lead: Mike Spencer
Bari: Mike Lawton
Bass: Terry Monks


1994 FWD Champions

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        13 30 23 19 SCR SCR

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Album – Captain Of The Toy Brigade

Western Union

When Western Union formed in December of 1988, they represented nearly all of the San Diego area chapters (El Cajon, San Diego and Rancho Bernardo)…with the exception of – Racine, WI. Lead, Mike Spencer had just moved to the Southern California from Wisconsin and visited the Sun Harbor Chorus meeting where baritone Mike Lawton was an active member. After an evening of tags and laughter it became clear that a quartet was in the making. Tenor, Dave Garstang and Bass, Terry Monks who had won three International 4th place bronze medals (1980, 1982, and 1983) and were the 1978 FWD quartet champions with The Grand Tradition joined the two Mike’s and (as they say) the rest is history!

Almost immediately they began competing in both the District and International Quartet Competitions. In less than 18 months together, Western Union came in 5th at their first FWD competition in 1989 and placed 13th at the International competition in 1990 held in San Francisco. They were finally crowned FWD Champions in 1994 in San Jose, CA. They were a crowd favorite and performed in many chapter shows and corporate gigs in most of the western states. They “officially” retired in May of 1995.

Sample Songs:

Western Union - Gospel Medley
Western Union - Roll Out the Barrel_Zippety Medle

Tribute Video: