2009 Champions

Tenor: Tom Moore
Lead: Jason Remley
Bari: Sam Papageorge
Bass: J Friedman



2009 FWD Champions

International Rankings:

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                16 14

Contest Scores


CD - "Over" - The Edge

The Edge

The Edge formed in April of 2008. While singing a tag at a Masters of Harmony rehearsal they recognized quickly that they had something very special. Their first competition was at International prelims in March of 2009 where they qualified for the international convention their first time out, (just barely). At the International competition that July, they placed 16th in the world. Wow, what an improvement from just barely qualifying, seeded 40th, to placing 16th. Then in October of 2009 they won their very first District competition to be named the Far Western District Quartet Champions. In 2010 they improved their ranking to 14th. Individually they had MANY years of experience singing in barbershop as well as other forms of music.

While they were only together for 3 years, they made it into the hearts of a lot of Far Western District audiences.

Sample Songs:

The Edge - Setimental Journey

Tribute Video: