2014 Champions

Tenor: Graham Pence
Lead: Tom Moore
Bari: Matt Swann
Bass: Joe D’Amore



2014 FWD Champions

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Bari: Steve Pence - 2015

American Pastime

American Pastime started a little over 3 years before winning district. Tom and Joe, after seeing each other in other quartets over the years, were trying to figure out how they could sing together. Tom was uncertain as to whether he wanted to sing Tenor or Lead he finally chose to sing Lead and the quartet was born.

They came in third at district their first time out. When their original Baritone Scott Kidder decided to step down in October of 2013, they asked Matt Swann to jump in and fill Scott's shoes. And, he did that very well. They had been singing in this combination for a little less than one year when they won the District.

Shortly after winning the District, Matt decided to leave the quartet, yet again leaving American Pastime baritone less. After an extensive and exhaustive search with many fine baritones auditioning for the group the choice was made to have Steve Pence fill Matts shoes. We are still wondering why it is that baritone shoe sizes seem to be the same wherever you go, but that's a topic for another day.

Steve has been a wonderful fit for the quartet and we look forward to many successes from this new combination.

Unfortunatly shortl after the 2016 international convention American Pastime decided that it was time to put away their pitch pipe. They will be missed.

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