1993 Champions

Tenor: Craig Ewing
Lead: Dean Waters
Bari: Les Dergan
Bass: Tim McDonald


1993 FWD Champions
1st Place at Universal Studios Barbershop Quartet Contest

International Rankings:

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Contest Scores


Cassette - "What a Sound"

Associate Members:

Bass: Ron Black - 2001

Rhythm & Rhyme

One day in early 1992 Tim Mcdonald called Craig Ewing and said that he had found a lead Dean Waters. They got together with Les Dergan and they knew they had something special. They brought in a coach (Jim Kline) early on. Jim even said that they had a pretty good sound but probably wouldn't qualify for international this year but would be pretty good by District and maybe next year. Tim made a bet with Pete Neushul that they would make the cut and that they would be top ten their first time out and they did. The quartet went on the win the FWD the next year.

After a few year in the top 20 Tim went on to other things and Ron Black came on board in 1995.

A few special things that R&R did was a Bass solo of "Sitting On Top Of The World." Also Les continued his Baritone feature of "The 12 Days of Christmas."

They even appeared on NBC's "America's Greatest" singing a tag written by Craig to the Brady Bunch Theme Song which had been chosen the greatest TV theme song.

Sample Songs:

Rhythm And Rhyme - Memphis Blues
Rhythm And Rhyme - Lonsomest Girl In town