1999 Champions

Tenor: Travis Maslen
Lead: Rich Brunner
Bari: Andy Wallace
Bass: Bruce Morgan


1997 Buckeye Invitational - Entertainment Champions!
1999 FWD Champions

International Rankings:

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    17 15 12


12 11    

Contest Scores


CD - "Odd Man Out"

Associate Members:

Bari: Todd Kidder - 2001


Freestyle was known not only for their great singing but also their zany antics, characterized as "a few fries short of a Happy Meal." They were named the Entertainment Champions at the prestigious Buckeye Invitational in 1997. Their memorable show was sure to please, and members of the group appeared on countless stages and milk cartons throughout the land. Tenor Todd Kidder recently gave up his dream of being the first 5 ft. 9 in. center of the NBA, while bass Bruce Morgan is the (Volvo) owner of a (Volvo) dealership in (Volvo) Santa Rosa, but does not use this venue (Volvo) for his own personal (Volvo) gain. Baritone Andy Wallace is an unassuming financial mastermind, collecting paperclips in his spare time. Lead Rich Brunner is the best-looking member of the quartet and his mother really loves him.



Sample Songs:

FreeStyle - Freestyle Montage
FreeStyle - Whatever Happened To Melody

Tribute Video: