2002 Champions

Tenor: Ken Potter
Lead: Sean Devine
Bari: Sam Papgeorge
Bass: Kelly Shepard


2002 FWD Champions

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Lead: Nick Papageorge - 2003

Sam's Club

The story behind the quartet... 

Sam's Club had a tumultuous run when it comes to quartet members. They placed 2nd in their first SoCal East Division contest and qualified for District with Scott Wilson from Gotcha! on Bass. Weeks later, Wilson was relocated to Minnesota for work, so the quartet was left with only three members.

After an exhaustive search, Kelly Shepard (former lead of Countdown three time 2nd place FWD finisher) joined the quartet.  The Society rules state that if a quartet member moves away, the quartet is allowed to change members during a cycle and still compete in the next level. That October they put it all back together and placed 2nd in the FWD District Contest. 

That March, Sam's Club went to Prelims with hope of qualifying for the International contest that year in Portland. Unfortunately, they just missed the cut. And I mean, JUST missed. They scored 2735 out of the 2736 points required to qualify. Unfortunatly there were no wildcards at international that year.

With a new fire, Sam's Club worked and won the District contest the following October in Bakersfield CA, featuring If I Love Again as "The Song Of The Contest".

In March of 2003, just 6 months after winning the FWD, Sam's Club announced the big news that their lead, Sean Devine, who was also the tenor of the popular doo-wop group "The Alley Cats" asked to step down from his duties in the quartet due to his work schedule. "We hate to see Sean depart, but we know that changes do happen. We are grateful to Sean for all the time and effort he has put into the quartet. Sam's Club would not be where we are without his hard work." Again, they were only three members.

Nick Papageorge, father of Sammy, and the quartets main coach graciously agreed to lead the quartet through international that year in Montreal. The quartet would be together for about another year during which time placing 36th at international and singing their swan song set at District.  But as ALL quartets eventually do, they called it quits in 2004.


Sample Songs:

Sam's Club - If I Love Again

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